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About Us

Bolek i Lolek Day Care Inc. is a developmental early childhood center. Our approach to education accommodates different intellectual abilities, physical abilities, interests and needs. While providing a safe, warm and nurturing environment, our qualified staff addresses the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of your children.

This is called "whole child" development. We strive to keep alive a child's natural curiosity and love of learning.  We also believe children learn through play.

Our learning center includes art, music, block building, dramatic play, language arts, puzzles and water exploration.

Each center is designed to encourage independence, creativity, curiosity, development of the "Whole Child", and a lot of fun.


The center is located on 4105 Fort Hamilton Parkway in Kensington section of Brooklyn.

The building is handicap accessible, meets all New York City health and fire code regulations.

In addition to spacious and well-equipped classrooms we also have access to a playground.